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Welcome to the counseling on the net Renewal and Rejuvenation Center of Judith Ann Anderson-Counselor, Listener, Mentor, Coach

Anger / Stress / Anxiety (including PTSD) Relief

Holistic Depression Management

Relationship / Family Communication Coaching

Grief Guidance

Addiction Education & Assistance

Faith / Spirituality Support

The Dallas Counselor / Therapist for Mental Health and Serine Living

Hello. Welcome to the Renewal and Rejuvenation Center or The R&R, for short. My name is Judith Ann Anderson.  I have been a professional mental health counselor and coach since 1991.
My credentials and background include Licensed Professional Counselor, Certified Anger Resolution Therapist, Certified in NLP and Clinical Hypnotherapy, State Approved Supervisor, music, teaching, sports, and financial planning. My graduate and post-graduate work are from University of North Texas; and SMU. 

The goal of the R&R website and  R&R office is to provide safe access to guidance in ways that fit your needs and your schedule:   
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