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Internet Counseling
R&R Quick Email 

 Submit a single issue of about 200 words or less and recieve an answer within 24 hours or less.

R & R Email Fees $19 per  Email 

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R&R Letter Email

Submit several related questions or provide extensive explanation up to 1000 words and recieve appropriate reflection and feedback.


R & R Email Fees $29 per  Email 

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R&R Internet Chat

R&R Internet Chat Sessions are particularly safe for those who wish to ask what you consider embarrassing questions or for those who feel more comfortable keeping your anonymity and be able to receive direct and immediate feedback from a professional.  Or you may have too many scheduling conflicts or too many family responsibilities that only allow more than 15 minutes at a time.  R&R Internet Chat Sessions allow you to chose the time and number of minutes and give you a convenient way to gain professional guidance for many of the difficulties and challenges you may now face.  

 Direct Chat sessions at the R&R Center are very popular.  I use the “Yahoo instant messenger” program ... Availability varies, and I will get back to you within 24 hours, (usually less) with your appointment schedule. You can use the "Message" box on your order form to discuss urgency and to suggest convenient times for yourself.  Please be sure to use the same name and email address that appears on your order. You may purchase your order in 15 minute segments and add more time by ordering a higher number of "units" to your R&R Internet Chat Session order.  Your payments will be processed and you will receive an invoice via R&R Email with detailed instructions within 24 hours. 




R&R Direct Chat Fees $29 per 15 minute sessions


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R&R Telephone Counseling
       Some individuals prefer to hear a voice responding to their conversations immediately.  Telephone sessions work well for those dealing with anxiety or worry, as talking to someone could relax and calm them before developing a full blown panic attack.  Some anger issues can be diffused with phone sessions.   Traumatic events occur everyday to someone every minute.    An accessible phone call to debrief can save people from much stress and heart break later.  If you are a person who has been involved in a traumatic event, you could be making a choice right now to handle this in a healthy way by talking to someone, or you could be involved in unhealthy ways that involve alcohol, sex, drugs, or other addictive short term delusional methods that only lead to more problems.  Chose an R&R Telephone Session in the privacy of your home or office.   Your R&R Phone Call Session is just $39 for each 20minute segment.  Availability varies, but you will have an appointment scheduled within 24 hours or less.  To submit a secure R&R Phone Call appointment request, simply click on the link below.  You may order as many 20 minute segments as you like.   You will receive an invoice and detailed instructions within 24 hours.  




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20 minute R&R Phone Call Sessions --$39 per Session


In Office Counseling  

The R&R Center is set in a serene, private rock garden with water fountains and wind chimes. The entrance is private, and clients walk only a few feet from their car to enter the gate that leads to the office steps. In the spring and fall the office is especially nice as the cool breeze drifts through the windows and gives the wind chimes a gentle nudge.

When you come to your first visit, expect to be greeted warmly and listened to with unconditional regard. You will find therapeutic listening offers an unconditional respect to your process. Together, we can make a difference in your life. You do your part, and I promise to do my part.



R &R Office Counseling Fees

For therapy, most insurances and EAP’s accepted


Per 45 Minute Session

Office Hours:  Flexible: Generally Mon-Fri: 12:00pm -7:00pm


Call (214-337-7288) to Schedule








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